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Alpaca Socks

Make your feet happy with warm alpaca socks! Alpaca fiber - Wicks away moisture - Softer and lighter than wool - Hypoallergenic - Fibers wrap your feet with warmth.
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Alpaca Boot Inserts
Alpaca Boot Inserts. Made in USA
Price: $10.00
Alpaca Boot Inserts. Made in USA
Keep your feet cozy, warm and dry! These 100% Alpaca boot inserts are the perfect companion if you are out in the cold a lot. They will help keep your feet warm and dry, by wicking away moisture and retaining heat. Pair with a pair of warm alpaca socks.
alpaca dress socks
Comfy Dress Socks
Price: $16.00
Comfy Dress Socks
Medium weight alpaca dress socks in beautifully rich colors, comfortably soft on your feet.
My Comfy Socks - Sport
My Comfy Socks - Winter Collection
Price: $28.00
My Comfy Socks - Winter Collection
Cuddle up with a pair of these warm winter alpaca comfy socks! Engineered to proved ultimate comfort and performance while helping your feet breath. A real treat for your feet!
Alpaca Survival Socks
Survival Socks
Price: $22.00
Survival Socks
This durable survival sock is a terry loop lined mid-weight sock designed for a wide range of outdoor activities and climates. Reinforced foot arch band and a ribbed knit ankle support. 78% alpaca.
Therapeutic Socks
MSRP: $20.00
Price: $18.00
You Save: $2.00 (10 %)
Therapeutic Socks
Ultra soft, stretchy and super comfortable socks in a variety of colors. No seams.
Kids Alpaca Robot Socks
Kids Alpaca robot socks
Price: Size YM and YL
Kids Alpaca robot socks
Cheer up your kid while keeping his feet warm and cozy with these funky robot socks! Easy care Alpaca blend - 55% alpaca, 24% bamboo, 18% nylon and 2% spandex. YM fits a 4-6 year old, YL fits a 6+. Think they will cheer up everyone who sees them!
Alpaca socks are a treat for your feet!



Sunday, April 26, 10AM to 5PM 2nd Annual Cherry Blossom Festival, Peekskill Rotary Club, Riverfront Green, Peekskill, NY

Saturday, May 2, 11AM to 4PM Woodbury Earth Day 2020 - Hollow Park, Woodbury, CT

Sunday, May 31, 11:30AM to 4PM Spring into Summer Block Party, Brookfield Town Center, Brookfield, CT

Sunday, June 7, 10AM to 4:30PM Birds of Prey, Green Chimneys, 400 Doansburg Rd, Brewster, NY

Saturday and Sunday, September 12/13, 10AM to 4PM St Peters Annual Apple Festival, 175 Old Tannery Rd, Monroe, CT

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