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Black Boot Cut Alpaca Socls

Black Boot Cut Alpaca Socls

Put your boots oover these sleek black alpaca socks made with alpaca fiber! This is a light weight boot cut sock which is great for every day wear. It is almost kne high length. With alpaca fiber as the main ingredient, you know your feet will stay cozy. 


Alpaca fiber is a true insulator that naturally regulates temperature and wicks away moisture making it a very breathable sock to wear.


51% alpaca, 33% microfiber, 3% nylon, 12% spandex, 1% elastic


Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or air dry.


Small - Women's 4.5-6

Medium - Women's 7-10, Men's 6-9

Large - Women's 10+, Men's 9.5-12

X-Large - Men's 12+


Latin Collection - Made in USA


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