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My Comfy Therapeutic Alpaca Socks

My Comfy Therapeutic Alpaca Socks

Cuddle up with a pair of these warm alpaca therapeutic socks! Engineered to proved warm, dry and long-lasting comfort and performance. They have loose ribbing to provide better circulation and they provide non-constricting compression  that helps keep the sock in place.  These have a reinforced sole and flat toe seam and a soft terry lining foot cushion. 

Naturally water resistant, Alpaca fiber provides inherent temperature control and wicking protection to your feet more than other fibers.


Great socks for hiking, skiing or if you are outdoors a lot.


Machine wash cold, tumble dry low or air dry.


Medium Men's (6-9), Women's (7-10) 

Large Men's (9.5-12), Women's (10.5+) 

XL Men's (12.5+) 


47% alpaca, 38% acrylic, 9% nylon, 6% elastic


Latin Collection - Made in U.S.A.


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