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Butternut Alpacas specializes in selling high quality alpaca products that you can wear and enjoy. With our ravishing alpaca products you’ll want to visit our store and check out our latest items before all the good stuff is gone. We’re highly committed to customer satisfaction and go out of our way to make sure you walk out happy.

Alpaca is a super soft fiber that is 5X warmer than wool, as soft as cashmere and wicks away moisture. It is also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial. Once you wear alpaca, there is no going back! It really feels wonderful.

Looking for warm socks for the winter? Toasty alpaca hats and scarves? Cozy alpaca mittens or gloves? (we even have glittens and fingerless gloves!) Need a special present for that special someone? Alpaca items make wonderful and unique gifts that everyone appreciates. We can help you find just what you need!

1/12 - We just got a new shipment of Survival socks in as well as Double-thick/lined alpaca mittens. Both best sellers - because they are very warm and scrumptious!

Check our On Sale section for some specials on unique alpaca products.

If there is an alpaca product you are looking for that you don't see on our site, please contact us. We will search high and low to see if we can find that perfect alpaca piece you are looking for. 

Our Events

We will be at some great local events - see below

Here is a list of fairs and festivals that we will be selling at for the fall and rest of 2022.


We have no more fairs for 2022 but are already planning for 2023 (can you believe it?)


More to come...


We have a large selection of products that come in and will update this site often. We have many styles of alpaca socks, hats and mittens. So if you are looking for something specific, please contact us! We can special order for you if needed. 

Butternut Alpacas carries a wide variety of really warm and soft alpaca socks. 5X warmer than wool, wicks away moisture and super soft.

Our Hours

Online sales only or by appointment

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Do you have a question about our products? Are you looking for something special made from alpaca? We can help you find it! Please give us a call!

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