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About Us


Butternut Alpacas was founded in 2000 by Penny Hartz in Danbury, CT and has since made its way to becoming a highly recognized Boutique Alpaca Clothing Store. She jumped into the business by purchasing some alpacas and bred them for their high quality fiber. Since then she has moved into just selling wonderful products made with alpaca. 


Known as the "fiber of the gods", we believe that alpaca fiber has so many benefits that are not found in today's clothing. 


Alpaca fiber is


  • All natural

  • Comes in 22 non-dyed colors

  • Known for its thermal properties

  • Wicks away moisture

  • Antimicrobial

  • Hypo-allergentic

  • Non-pilling

  • Retains a beautiful long-lasting appearance

  • Softer and lighter than Sheep's wool

  • Rivals Cashmere by being as soft and shinier

  • Green

  • Fire retardant

  • Sustainable

  • Vegan/vegetarian


Our mission is to educate and supply high quality alpaca products and goods to you, the consumer.


It's time to get away from all of those chemically created materials and treat your skin to something special.

Our products are curated from the top alpaca suppliers and are hand selected to be sure they are great quality. The number one ingredient in any of our products is alpaca.  


If there is something you are looking for and don't see it here on our website, please email us or call 203-240-1635.

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